AAM / Analytics Segments - best place to create them?



Would love to get a perspective on best practices regarding segmentation and creating segments. I have my Analytics, Audience Manager, and Campaign connections established to share data, my question: Is it better to create the segments in AAM and share? or better to create in Analytics and share?

an example scenario: I would like to tag visitors of a specific web page as "Webpage Visitors" to be able to send them email campaigns later on, but also create reports based on page visits.

What would be the best practice for creating the segment?


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Dear Steve,

I would say that it was tentative.

Before creating and sharing the segments from one Tools to another or whenever you have this confusion, take your decision based on latency.

If your Adobe Analytics segments are readily available across the Tools and when it is only related to Online Behavior, the best would be to create the segment at Adobe Analytics end.

If your Segments need both Offline and Online Behavior, the only option is to use Adobe Audience Manager.

So check out for Latency, which one is faster for you while using the segments across tools. Faster, the better. But accuracy is always same! So create your segments and share it to Marketing Cloud (Not needed for Audience Manager) to use it wisely.

Thank You!


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Dear stevemalko

I would suggests you to go for Audience manager to create the segments so that you can use it for future on internal/external campaign.


Kumararaja K