AA Report Suite UI is nearly unusable.



Hi there,

I work regularly with the "conversion variables", "success events", and "traffic variables" tools within AA's report suite controls. Over the past few months the UI has started performing much slower than usual. My peers are reporting the same. I have difficult loading the pages often taking minutes to appear, if at all. When it does load, it freezes up anytime I perform an action. This freezing still occurred prior to the last few months.

This is an important aspect of my work and I would love to see these tools get some attention..

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Hi all! I bet that ALL of us having this issue are using the same password manager: LastPass. I've discovered that Chrome and Firefox extension breaks the admin UI. The bug has been confirmed by our engineering team and they're working on solving it.

In the meantime, try temporarily disabling LastPass when you're editing the admin UI (evars/events/props).




Hi brandonF,

The mentioned report suite configuration areas were extremely slow even a year ago. One of the workarounds I found is to use Safari instead of Chrome while managing eVars, props and events. Surprisingly, those pages are performing much faster on Safari. If you are not on Mac, try Firefox.

Hope Adobe will look into that performance issue soon.


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Hi Brandon,

I received a notification from your survey that your question was marked as assumed answered without your confirmation. I'm still investigating the root cause for this but I've reset your question so it is an unanswered question again. I apologize for any inconvenience. I will see if we can get someone from Adobe to take a look at your question.




The "not responding" in AA workspace is a know "issue".

So, we use Adhoc as the one. It's easily drag & drop with nearly no responding time awaiting, until "replace" button is clicked.

Unfortunately, Adobe insist to End of it's life, although many negative voice raised in this thread:

Intention to End-of-life Ad Hoc Analysis (Discover) announced

But, before the EOL, I still recommend you try the Adhoc.




I totally agree, have experienced that it gets slower when it's open for sometimes. BTW, I have started using API, much faster once you get through the learning curve.