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Hi the Documentation for AA advertising analytics is very ambiguous:

in the opening paragraph below it states first Google Search, then goes on to say second GOOGLE Adwords and DFA now renamed to Google Search 360 and Google Display 360 respectively. My question:  Will AAAA bring in the Google Display 360 data? is it only search data or will it include Display360 too previously AKA Google/Doubleclick DFA.

"Advertising Analytics lets you see all your Google and Bing Paid Search data side by side, within Adobe Analytics. Previously, any Google AdWords/DFA or Microsoft Bing Ads data would have to be viewed in Adobe Advertising Cloud (AMO) or in Google/Bing. You will now get the following data within Adobe Analytics: Impressions, Clicks, Costs, Quality Score, and Average Position directly from the search engines as well as a AMO ID Instances (Click Instances)." Advertising Analytics overview

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