A way to segment large group of identified users.



We have identified a group of users based on their behavior, that we consider core. We’ve obtained them based on their unique ID variable, but also because of their account attributes and frequency of visit to our page, at least once a month during the last 12 months.
We currently do not have one variable that identifies them exclusively,  since they were identified given a set of variables and metrics.  I know that inputting 62,100 unique IDs into Segment Builder is a non-starter, and I am using report builder to easily extract some metrics, but it is a pain.

Since we have a list of these 62,100 account IDs, is there a way to create a segment or run metrics on them?

Thank you!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




I would recommend finding traits these users have in common, and using those to segment. Remember, you're able to segment off of any dimension and there are many operators that can be used against those dimensions.

You can also create a segment using the same criteria you used to obtain the 62k unique individuals.