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View and Resend a Scheduled Report


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This functionality was in 14.6 but disappeared in 14.7.   As an administrator, I want to be able to view a report that was sent on a particular day and resend that specific report if desired.  The latest version of SC only allows me to view reports that were sent out but if I want to resend, I have to recreate the entire report from scratch (unless I happened to have it bookmarked).





Keefe, I'm fairly certain that the Archived Reports feature addresses this need. (See My Accounts > Archived Reports.) I might not be understanding your need perfectly, so please feel free to add a comment or send me a private message if I'm wrong, or if you have any questions about how to use report archiving. In the mean time, I am changing the status to "Already Offered." Thanks, Ben


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I believe Archived Reports only stores past or saved reports.  The use case I'm talking about is an existing scheduled report needs to be resent for a specific day.  The functionality that used to exist is I can go to the Scheduled Reports manager, search for the specific report, click on the date the report was originally sent and then click to resend that report.


Currently, I need to recreate the report and then resend.