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Uniform Document Names with Adobe


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Description -
As every company has his own preferences of storing and naming documents, it causes expenditure to rename a document every time over and over again. So my idea was to replace this process by a function of Adobe PDF. I thought about a function that enable to capture key information about a document while creating it. So that this information is converting to the file name automatically. For example the date of creating, the valuta date, the subject, document type and so on. Since some companys could still have individual preferences of the order and type of information, it could be an additional function that allow the user to adjust the information and order he likes to have in the documents names.

Why is this feature important to you -

I am working in the administration of an asset manager and have to work with many documents daily. Every time a new document arrives us, I have to rename and save it in a uniform structure.

How would you like the feature to work -

Current Behaviour - Currently we rename every file we access in order to make sure that we find the document later on quickly.