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Timestamp as an Evar Type


Level 8


A great feature for customers in the travel sector would be the ability to use dates as an evar type.

At the moment we capture these as a string evar (for example):

Checkin Date (v20): 20201202 12:00:00

Checkout Date (v21): 20201502 12:00:00

If we could have this as a date variable that allowed us to Before / After etc it would be very useful.

I understand that from a data collection / processing point of view there would be issues if the timestamps were formatted incorrectly however however with clear documentation this would be amazing for the travel sector which work in 3 dimensional date ranges (normal time / visit date being the 3rd dimension).

At the moment the only we we do this is to spit the data out in data feeds, which is not ideal for users in the business who are not familiar with SQL.