Show more than 5 items when doing a breakdown on a whole report



If i do a breakdown on a whole e.g. campaigns by product, only 5 items with their related breakdown information will be shown at once. I can't change this even if I do an export to Excel. It is very annoying when people ask me for reports of 30 trackingcodes including the purchased products for each code.

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This feature existed in 13.5 but was removed in v14. We've seen it with our 'tracking code by pages" report. An incomplete report is useless for users who need complete information in order to course correct quickly (like ppc campaigns).


So I have to log into v13.5 to have these reports mailed to my users (I can't ask them to learn two different interfaces for analytics). Going back and forth between 13.5 and 14 is a pain at best – I have to use the poor interface for scheduling reports, I've got 13.5 bookmarks duplicated in v14, the 13.5 rolling timeframe option is clumsy and I usually end up having to create the reports on request manually.


It's critical to our business that this feature get reinstated. A feature request "was submitted on my behalf" early this year (after a year of back and forth). *Today* I was told that this forum is the only place to get features implemented.