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Seeing All Adobe Analytics Options with No Admin Access


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There is a need to have a view only of all the variables and processing/channel rules in analytics. Currently, unless you are an admin, you cannot see which variables are activated for your report suites, when they expire or any of the processing rules that assign values to variables. This can be limiting if you are trying to decipher some of the reporting (especially if things are not quite adding up).

Don't want admin rights to change things – but would like the right to view things.



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just a tip: in each processing rule asign a rule number to a new listProp. this would look something like this (within each rule):

set propX as concatenated value propX + "R1-Name" (and delimeter of listProp)

Now you can breakdown on each hit to see all the processingRules that affected the data!if you have a list of all active processing rules somewhere else explaining the details, you have what you want (or more)

be aware that

1) listProp have a max. of 100 chars for the whole string, keep names short

2) the "official rule number" is variable, so better give each rule your own number (in the name) eg. "Rule 1: do something"

ericmatisoff​ something for your tip list