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Removing fictious Facebook referral traffic


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Many sites are incorporating facebook "like" modules.  When someone clicks on a piece of content on Omniture Client A's site, a redirect to Facebook is made & then the final landing page is back on Omniture Client A's site.  We have gotten information from Facebook on how to identify these fictitious redirects since the user is just clicking an internal link on Omiture Client A's site (ie not traffic generated FROM facebook, as it shows in Site Catalyst).  We are currenlty working with Omniture to create a Vista rule to reduce the Facebook referral traffic & somehow show it as a custom link within our site.  We would like Omniture to be proactive about these types of issues and actually have these as built-in solutions vs. us realizing it after we see an enormous increase in facebook referral traffic and then have to pay Omniture to correct it.  It should be a standard feature.

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in the meantime you can add it to your internal URL filters.  Also note that if you're using the social plugin module, those will be counted as referrals from Facebook as well.