Re-instate Ability to have Text in sProps HyperLinked



With the most recent update to Site Catalyst V15 in the interface that when looking at data under the sProps and correlating with Page name, when the data comes back, the page name is longer a clickable link. Before if the updated if you wanted to drill further into the data, you had the option of clicking on either the text or on the icon to the left of the text.


This is problematic because there are not as many options for manipulating your data when clicking on that icon to the left. Even with the added functionality of segmentation, sometimes it is easier and more convenient to have the ability to access to the additional data manipulation options by simply clicking on a text link. This is an option that my colleagues and myself relied heavily on and don't understand why it would be removed.

I would like to see this functionality returned - the sooner the better and hope that you will take this request to re-instate this feature into consideration.


Thank you.