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More list variables please


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3 list vars are not very many when you are trying to maintain standards across 30+ unique websites and have it all roll up nicely in to a global report suite.





How are you using your three list variables today? What would you do with 2-5 more list variables if they suddenly existed? 




@andreww, you can actually classify list variables already. Set up the classifications in Edit Settings > Conversion > Conversion Classifications. You will see your list vars on the list on that page. 


Level 2


Conent Slot impressions

Promo Codes used

Form Errors


I want a 4th to track all running experiments on the site (as I juggle 1/2 dozen today!)


Level 4


We zipped through our listvars:

- Onsite ad ID impressions (more than one banner per page)

- Form field tracking for errors

- Survey question response capture (multiple per survey, recommended by survey company in Analytics integration documentation)


We would like to use more to:

Track experiments

See Search refinements>conversion

Capture widget settings on submit


I'm sure there are others that we haven't run into yet.


Level 4


We already used ours on:

- Content impression tracking

- AEM segment tracking

- Integration with survey vendor


We want to use more for:

- performance plugin

- error tracking

- selected filters tracking


And I am sure we can come up with a lot more...


Employee Advisor


Obviously they're not as powerful (or character-unlimited) as listVars, but I do want to remind this group that listprops can still be extremely powerful too. You'll be able to mix and match events to listprop values, plus Classifications can be applied to them too!


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Many sites have arrays in their data layers and having evars that are list friendly (since prop character limits are very low), would be very helpful.

Any list based experience (discovery of your asset - products, houses, concerts, articles etc) would call for a need to measure multiple items in one report but have the ability to look at them as their own unique records.


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I wrote below idea separately,


Some of our contents are designed to be allocated in multiple subjects which are for example own product category and specific campaigns.

To show their traffic according to each purpose, list variables are essential for us.

Fortunately, there are list variables in Adobe Analytics. But unfortunately, they are only 3 of all.

There are many other people who wants to use more list variables as I can see former ideas for this subject.

Please consider it. and I hope that there will be good news.


This idea I'm sitting was published at 2013. 6. 18, and it has not been applied, yet.

I want to know the opinions of Adobe.