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improve flow reports in discover: not having a limit of 10 items/ trended reports


Level 1


Discover is more convenient compared to Sitecatalyst for just about every report.

However when it comes to the flow report there are two improvements that I would like to suggest:


A: in Sitecatalyst you can switch to tabular view to see all forward/backward instances of what you have selected. In Discover you are always stuck with the top 9 instances and the 10th appearing as 'all others' which you are not able to break down further. When doing analysis having a huge % under 'all others' make the report not relevant to look at. Solution would be to either increase the number of instances to something like 50, or to be able to click on 'all others' and have that expand.


B: In Discover when using the fallout and choosing 'copy data' you are able to get the fallout data trended on a daily level. This would also be a great option to have for the flow reports.