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Hello Adobe,


I would like to have a more explicit indication of the status of all classifications - especially FTP - into Adobe. The problem is that currently, we have to classify the product sku (and other variables) every day but need to wait 2-3 days before they appear in the interface. If we classify earlier than they appear in the interface, we end up reclassifying the same values again, which drastically slows down the process. In addition, it's not easy to create an automated classification flow when it's relying on a random time window (48-72 hours). Whether browser or FTP import, can we get a status on all classifications into a report suite in a separate or the same tab?




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@ray_rehman - thank you for the feedback! We currently have a project underway to provide this information, as well as make more improvements to the classification experience as a whole. No release date just yet, but it is something we are actively working on defining a timeline for.