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Feature Request for Data Governance Privacy Labels


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As of now, I am only able to select 1 Variable at a time to edit Privacy Labels. Since Adobe Analytics is set out to have multiple eVars, props and success events. Changing every Data Label for every Variable is going to take me alot of time. I would either like to see a simple upload option - since there is already a download csv option. Or just make it possible to select multiple Variables in the UI.



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You're right, this is a bit strange, considering the messaging stating "1 selected".. why bother tell me that if it won't let us select more than 1?


I think you have points that are valid to be posted as and Idea. 


I'm going to move this there to try and get it more visibility from the product team.




Privacy labels generally do not need to be applied to very variable, only to those that contain person or device level identification that needs special treatment in Access and Delete requests.  This is why we only support editing one variable at a time.  We can investigate that adding multi-variable support in the future.

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they might not need to be applied to every variable. But they do need to be applied to alot of variables - depending on what your companys legal department agrees on.

And in my case, I have to do it for multiple ReportSuites. Which is also not uncommon in bigger companies.