Excel Templates and Metric Worksheet



We would like to see the ability for our Analysts to develop excel templates and import them into a Metric Worksheet.   This would greatly ease their ability to create/maintain our excel templates.   How feasible would this ability be since InSight can open an excel document/template?

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Are you looking for the ability to manage Metric Worksheets as templates inside Insight, or just the ability to import an Excel template into Insight?


Tim Lott



Currently, we manage metric worksheets inside Insight.  Our analysts feel it would be easier for them to manage existing and develop new worksheets outside of Insight.   Our templates are quite extensive and when modifications are needed, it's cumbersome for them to use the tool when they could do a simple search/replace function in Microsoft Excel. 


Our thought is since Insight can output data to an excel template, why not provide the ability to import an excel template to support publishing.


I guess another option would be to provide the ability to do a search/replace within Insight for maintenance of existing metric worksheets.