Display of Calendar Event list, On-report toggle for graph icons, Auto-include shared events



We have over 1,200 line items in Calendar Events and growing fast. This volume creates some issues. Here is my list of things that would help us in that regard. A related post is Make Calendar Events Report Suite Specific


SUMMARY: Provide the ability to auto-include shared Calendar Events.


CURRENT FUNCTIONALITY: At our company data entry is generally added by a small group of people but consumption is widely distributed. End users must remember to go into settings and manually select the shared events to be included in their view.


REQUESTED CHANGE: It would be useful to provide an end-user based setting to automatically include or exclude shared events. It would be useful to have an admin setting to default to include or exclude (which would be overwritten by the local user's settings).


BUSINESS IMPACT OF MISSING FUNCTIONALITY: As we have multiple entries every day, selecting shared events becomes a daily task. End users mostly forget or are too busy to manually select shared events. This limits the practical utility of the tool.


SUMMARY: Provide the ability to filter shared Calendar Events by icon and color.


CURRENT FUNCTIONALITY: We have developed a schema based on the icons and colors to identify the events by type. For example, dots are events in our Consumer platform while diamonds are events in our Professional platform. Green is a new product launch, brown is an infrastructure update. End users for the Consumer division do not necessarily need to see information relating to the Professional group. An end user, depending on responsibility, may be only looking for one type of event, such as a product launch. End users may be looking for different things at different times. This can be managed currently only by manually selecting the shared events of interest. The user must exit the report, go to the Event Calendar Admin, find all the event of a given type (for WebMD this is a very long list) and select them, the return and re-run the report.


REQUESTED CHANGE: 1) It would be useful to be able to filter the display by color and icon from the report. 2) It would be useful, in addition, for the user to be able to save a given filer choice as a default in the user's setting.


BUSINESS IMPACT OF MISSING FUNCTIONALITY: As we have hundreds of line items, doing this manually is impractical. Having to see all or none of the items rather than based on the user's roll reduces the utility of the tool. Having to share all or none of the items in the graph and report pretty well muddies the point one might make in presenting it to others.


SUMMARY: Provide the ability to display the list of events with the most recent on top in the admin tool.


CURRENT FUNCTIONALITY: We have hundreds of events logged in the Calendar Events manager (and the list just keeps getting longer). Currently these are listed with the oldest event at the top and the "new" button at the bottom. When we add an event and click to share, we need to keep scrolling to the bottom of the list. When we are looking in the list for recent events in the manager, we are always scrolling to the bottom. When we are adding a new event, we always need to scroll to the bottom.


REQUESTED CHANGE: It will be more useful to have the newest events and the "Add New" button at the top of the list.


BUSINESS IMPACT OF MISSING FUNCTIONALITY: While doable, it is inconvenient to have to keep scrolling to the bottom of the list when adding and sharing multiple new events.


SUMMARY: Create an on-report toggle to turn the event display in the graph on and off.


CURRENT FUNCTIONALITY: We enter from 0 to 10 events per day. These events show in the graph all the time.  This is good when investigating but not useful in all situations. For presentations from Site Catalyst the display can clutter the graphing at times making it all but useless.

I have to leave the report I'm in at the moment to uncheck, then return and rerun the report to get at uncluttered graph for sharing or whatever. In an investigative mode, I want to see the items.If I want to hide all, which would usually be the case, I have to unclick all one at a time, do my task, then go back and recheck them all. Doable, but not all that convenient given the line count. Alternatively, I can use a second user account but this still means flipping back and forth. This is quite process intensive.


BUSSINESS IMPACT OF MISSING FUNCTIONALITY: It makes it hard for any user to set or accept shared events. The threshold is high enough so that most of our users will not. They ask the administrator.



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I, too, would really like to see these changes implemented. Additionally, I'd propose an easier way to categorize calendar events by icon. 


SUMMARY: Allow users to assign Labels to Calendar Event Icons


CURRENT FUNCTIONALITY: We can currently only choose the shape and color of the icon. No categories or labels are available.


BUSINESS IMPACT OF MISSING FUNCTIONALITY: Not having the ability to label the icons forces each user (and each viewer, even) to understand what each icon represents for your company. Ideally, a person, when creating an event, could chose from a set of predefined icons (which would be easily editable) with labels - they could still choose a title for their event but they'd wouldn't have to refer to or memorize an icon scheme. Furthermore, a legend of the icon scheme should be viewable (toggle-able on and off) in the individual reports.