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DFA Data Connector


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The current Data Connector for DFA imports into Adobe Analytics Impressions, Clicks and Media Cost. However, the media cost imported is the actual raw data entered in DFA, so depending on the cost structure (CPC, CPM, Fixed), this raw data may be a small numer (0.01) or a large one (10 000), but most importantly, if you mix various cost structres within your DFA campaigns, the "Media Cost" metrics is useless on its own since it mixes totally different figures that can not be compared. The current situation therefore forces you to create : 1 calculated metric for CPC Media Cost, 1 for CPM Media Cost and you can never display a single column showing per campaign the total media cost (you need to choose which of your calculated metrics makes sens for each campaign!).


I therefore suggest that a new metric should be uploaded by DFA : the "Total Media Cost", which would makes things a lot easier to use the data in the web analytics interface so we can compare the actual media cost for a campaign and avoid having us to export the data out of adobe analytics to be able to do the job (which by the way was the actual purpose of the DFA data connector...).