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Designated footer for display of Adobe copyright


Level 3


The Adobe copyright overlays visualizations and pertinent information when analysts are exporting data to PNG for presentations and reports. We are not able to move the Adobe copyright text.  We would like to designate a footer area for the Adobe copyright text that always appears below visualizations and pertinent information on the workspace. Basically, the footer area is a read only field where visualizations, tables, etc. can not be placed over. See Incident:101028-000343 for more information/details.

It's difficult for our analysts to export data for presentations due to the Adobe copyright overlaying visualizations and tables. There are numerous times they need to re-run the query, re-export to different page sizes or move items around on the workspace which is a productivity issue. Communicating the data to marketing and management is more difficult.  Modifying the existing page sizes to permit more real estate only works for new workspaces moving forward so this is not a viable option for historical workspaces.



Level 1


The copyright overlay doesn't apply for all Insight clients. For clients with Adobe hosted solution it makes sense, but for clients who have Insight hosted in-house the footer doesn't apply.