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Date, Numeric as Variable Types in evar and compatible filters


Level 2


At the moment, all evars are of two types i.e. string or counters.


However, for several industries - like travel (departure date, check-in date), discount sites (deal expiry date) etc., dates need to be captured. There is no easy way to then filter out date ranges for the evar. (Doing SAINT classification for every date range one might want to select is insane). Similarly, for numeric data like price, quantity, visit number etc. filtering out reports for values in certain range - there is no easy way.


Allowing admin to specify data types and thereby providing compatible ways of filtering out data would be a great help.



Level 5


Another vote for this one. We are a publisher and have dates that would help us understand age of content. It's insane the kinds of work that needs to be done in order to select a range of date values. 


Level 8



I raised this idea last month (Timestamp as an Evar Type ).

I wish there was a way of merging these ideas as I suspect the desire for this feature in the travel industry, is stronger than Adobe may imagine.

As you suggest, classifications is one one of doing it (it's how we do it, using regex), but you can't select greater than or less than.




Level 2


Another vote for this! Seems like a very basic need for numerous cases, starting from basic segment like those who have upcoming trip in next 60 days.