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We would like to know the impact of Data Sources usage on our license costs. The Data Source Manager states the following regarding pricing:


The data imported into the Omniture platform pursuant to enablement of this data source may be billed at the standard primary server call rate, where each row of data imported represents and is equivalent (for billing purposes) to one primary server call. Please contact an Omniture sales representative for further details.


The billing tab in the Admin Console provides a lot of information on what usage you are being charged for. This however lacks an overview of usage by Data Sources, as there no specification of what has generated the primary server calls. Our account manager told me that there is no way yet to specify the Data Sources usage.


I would very much like to see a distinct view of at least SiteCatalyst server calls and Data Sources requests. A complete distinction between all sources/tools that have generated the primary server calls will be even more desirable, however not necessary for us at this moment.


I am curious to know if this wish is shared by other users of Omniture products.



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Joost van Wattingen

Adversitement B.V.

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I am also a little unclear as to why the billing is equal to one primary server call.  The service is offered in batch.  Give us the option to either load real-time as the current rate, or load nightly (or non-real-time) at a discounted rate.