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Color Code Dimensions


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One of our largest issues is applying dimensions at the appropriate level (Visitor, Session, Page View) during analysis.   Most of our dimensions use business names and it's not readily apparent to the user what level the dimension is built at.   We consistently refer to the Dataset Schema, which provides a fairly intuitive means to understand what level a particular dimension is associated with.


When building dimensions, we specifically set the parent.   Is it possible to set a color scheme (similar to the Dataset Schema) for each type of parent while building the dimensions?   In other words, if you have a dimension that is at the Visitor level, display the text in Pink; if you have a dimension at the Session level, display the text in Blue; if you have a dimension at the Page View level, display in Green and so forth.   


We think this visual assistance may provide benefit to Insight users to understand when to apply certain dimensions.  For example, if an analyst was performing a page view based analysis (green), they should only apply session level dimensions (blue) to the analysis before rolling up further to the visitor level (pink).  The color designation would intuitively show what level a particular dimension is associated with.

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Wow, that is a pretty good idea.  Parent level of dimension has always been confusing to most users when selecting queries; usually leading to misinterpretation of results.  A visual clue probably would be very helpful and would make users more conscious of the parent level and it's meaning.