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Classifications more flexible matching by partial key match or rules accessing sub classifications


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The idea is (especially for campaigns) to have classification based on import as well as rule builder.

eg campaign root id would be DA-1234

I know which agency is handling this display campaign upfront and can upload this via an import.

To add additional data they amend this with the site where the ad was displayed as well as with the creative

-> DA-1234_S:site.com_C:sky


This is still hard to handle with Adobe classifications

1) I can download all keys process them internally and upload them again .... but I need to build a custom solution for this

2) I can use rules builder to split the root key from the dynamic keys then upload subclassifications for the root key and process the dynamic parameters with the rule builder. the issue here is that this does not play nicly with campaign type where I know all information upfront and would like to import all classifications. eg. the creative for an upload would be a subclassification of the campaign root id. Where the classification based on the rule builder needs to be a top level classification. So I end up with two fields for the same purpose


There are two solutions which both are beneficial:


Make a partial match on the key available. So if I upload a key DA-1234_* this would be matched against all dynamically created IDs (DA-1234_S:siteA.com and DA-1234_S:siteb.com ...)

then I can handle the dynamic parameters with rule builder and can populate top level classifications both by upload and rule builder



allow rule builder to access sub classifications

I then would write the root key to a top level classification for which I can upload as usual into subclassifications

but could also use the rule builder to write dynamic parameters directly into the sub-classifications

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I'd find it really useful to be able to sub classify a classification using processing rules.


One of the classifications we get passed via our Exact Target data connector is a delimited string.  At the moment I have to manually upload a sub classification for this.  This could be easily automated if the rule builder could do sub classifications.