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Australasian Data Centre


Level 4


Our Omniture beacon calls are currently routed through the newly opened Japanese data collection centre instead of the US, however this only cuts the distance from most of our sites users to collection and back from 10,500 km to 8,800 km. There will always be substantial latency on these sorts of calls.

By comparison, there has been local collection servers for competitors products in both New Zealand and Australia for  at least 5 years. Now that Omniture is part of Adobe worldwide and, as there is already a T&T server in place in Syndey, it would be a good time to put some local SiteCatalyst data collection servers into the region to better server the growing number of customers here.



Level 2


More localised data collection has been 'on its way', in many meetings I have had with AM's for several years now . So would be nice to see this eventuate.




Marking as "Under Review." We are definitely committed to improving the user experience and reliability in the APAC/Australasia region, and are now actively looking into the best ways to do this. Please stay tuned here for further updates.