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APIs should return error when at performance threshold instead of just zero rows


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Description - When using the Adobe Analytics connector in Power BI, sometimes there is a refresh and zero rows are returned for one or multiple queries against the API. This results in the report showing no data, especially if the query related to a key fact table/data. The API should instead error out so that Power BI fails on the refresh. This would leave data from the previous day in the report AND notify the dataset owner that their refresh had failed.

Why is this feature important to you - Users going to see a report with no data is far worse than just seeing old data. We show how old the data is in a report and missing one day isn't a big deal, but having the report go blank makes it useless. 

How would you like the feature to work - The API should return an error if its out of resources or at some threshold limit. 

Current Behaviour - From a support request, this is what is happening today: “The API quota limit is 20K calls per hour per Analytics company for 1.3/1.4 APIs which PowerBI leverages, but there is also a throttle applied by the underlying reporting engine per report suite which is independent of any reporting client (e.g. Workspace, Report Builder, API, etc.) When that throttle is hit, no errors are returned but report requests take longer to process. The end result is that report requests across all clients take longer to process as the load on the report suite increases. Thus, it's possible for Workspace or Report Builder usage to cause API requests to run slower and it's possible for API requests to cause Workspace or Report Builder to run slower on a given report suite. The Analytics reporting system is a shared, multi-tenant system and this throttle is designed to prevent reporting activities on any single report suite from consuming too high a percentage of the capacity of a given data center."