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Analysis Workspace: Include 'Project End Day' in Custom Time Periods


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Currently in Workspace i'm using Custom Time Periods to compare a rolling 4 weeks - 2 weeks vs. 2 weeks.  The original goal of the report was to monitoring things every day measuring and alerting for significant drops.

The problem is I can't use the same report to check 'historical' time periods - meaning if I change the project date range nothing updates because the Custom Time Periods are all based on 'current day' (i.e. current day minus 28 days to current day minus 15 days).

it would great if we could create a Custom Time Period that reference the 'project end day' of the time period I select in the Date Range (top right corner of the project panel)

in short, in addition to 'current day' for the Custom Time period builder, can we add 'Project End Day'.  so my custom time period would be built as [project end day minus 28 days to project end day minus 15 days] which means my calculated metrics would update based on any time range I select?

I understand this won't change the 'minus 28 day' part of the time segment so it will be on me (the analyst) to make sure I select a 28 day time period in my date range which is perfectly fine.