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The filter in Reports and Analysis updates the totals once you type in something on the filter and hit enter. However, in Analysis Workspace this does not get updated. Let's say I have a list of sections on my sight and one of them is called "Training". let's say I have 1,000,000 page views for my whole site and 250,000 for Training. Training would then consist of 25% of the totals overall. If I filtered for Training in Reports and analysis then it will update and say the total is 250,000 page views but if I filter in Analysis Workspace then it still shows the same totals. This is just a very simple use case to convey the idea.

I have found that i can create a segment and place it in Analysis Workspace and it will update the totals but it would be really helpful if I didn't clutter my segments by being able to filter like I can in Reports and Analysis.



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Since this has been burried for a while I wanted to voice my support for this feature. I was just about to write a post about it when I found it. It is very very confusing for our users!



@ben Is this something that is still in development? AW has been a great product so far, but I have to admit that this is hands down my #1 pet peeve with the product. Generally speaking, the only times I leave AW to revert back to the legacy reporting is to see metric totals for filtered results.




Archiving this as a duplicate of Metric totals update for filtered results - please add your votes there!