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Allow copy and paste from v14.7 dashboards


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Current functionality: The new version of 14.7 does not allow one to copy and paste numbers from the Site Catalyst interface and the Excel download is no longer available. This was not the case with pre 14.7 dashboards.

Use Case: At our company (300 seats) no one ever prints out dashboards; neither staff nor management. Typically dashboards are viewed in the SC interface. Users will often copy and paste data from the interface and add other data sources for internal reporting or creating external client reporting. If a dashboard is downloaded it is mostly sent in Excel, never in PDF.

Request: So 1) We need to be able to copy and paste from the dashboard in the SC interface, 2) We need that Excel option restored, and 3) Note that we live in a screen based world not a paper based one. The page based presentation, while not terrible, adds little value.