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Adobe stock - subscription vs premium content


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Please include a choice to permanently make adobe stock searches "subscription content". I can't count the number of times I have found an image that my client and I both like only to find out that it's a premium image. I never plan on purchasing a premium image so I would love to never see them. I frequently check the box in search but have noticed that it does not stay checked. If this happens too many times I will go looking for another service ... I know there are other places to get the same images. Thank you! -

Why is this feature important to you - I have a couple of times been buying several images at a time and accidentally purchased a premium image. I cannot afford to purchase premium images and neither can my clients.

How would you like the feature to work - A box is checked in your account to show only subscription content. Premium content would never been seen until you ask for it.

Current Behaviour - You can check "subscription content" in the search field but it never stays checked. You don't know it's premium when downloading previews. You only find out when purchasing.