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Add context/note columns to report suite admin (make it similar to a traditional variable map)


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The only reason we use variable maps are to add context to what/where/whay for each of the variables we use. If we could add that context to the interface, it would do away with a duplication step that is often lost, outdated and unusable for future admins to use.


The implications of this go far beyond admins. This would help ClientCare, for example, in their attempts to help diagnose issues. If they have context into the intended use of a variable, then they can better help to troubleshoot related issues. Future engagements would also benefit in similar fashion by giving the often newly introduced consultant some background on the implementation.



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Very good idea.  At multiple companies, I've seen disconnects between SDR's/variable maps - the spreadsheets listing variables and their details - and what's actually entered into the admin.  They should be one in the same.


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In addition, it can even show back end settings such as pathing, merchandising, delimiters for list props, hierarchies, and list vars (not ability to edit though), etc.


Another nice feature would be a change log, so you can click on a variable and see when changes were made to the settings, and when it was enabled.


You could even export it to Excel, PDF, Word, etc. to deliver as part of a solution so login credentials are not needed.


And as a final piece, a change log for each variable would be awesome, whether the change was a setting by Client Care or a change made in the admin console.  And if too difficult to automate, or if it would just create to much data, the changes can be entered manually so they are at least tracked and in one central location.


One of the best ideas on here.