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Ability to Merge sProp/eVar values


Level 10


So I don't think this one would ever be possible, but it can't hurt to ask.  There are many times when you pass values to an sProp or an eVar accidentally or after a few months you realize that you shouldn't have done that.  For example, let's say on a bunch of pages you name the s.channel (section) value to Section XYZ and then realize you should have really just lumped those pages in with Section ABC to make your pathing reports easier to follow - just one example).  Now you have a few weeks/months of data with a value you wish you could "do-over" but alas you can't.  Your current options are to just deal with it, use a new variable (unless you are out!) or to use a SAINT Classification to roll-up the values together (which won't help you for Pathing purposes.


It would be great if there were a way to "convert" the old values to the new values (kind of like an "find & replace."  Again, I am doubtful this woudl be possibe (and could present issues with data trustworthiness, but it sure woudl be handy...