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UPDATED: Upcoming Features in Analysis Workspace and Freeform Analysis



There are a number of key features that Adobe is planning to add to the Freeform Analysis tool and the Analysis Workspace over the coming months. This post contains a list of many of these features. Please check back often or subscribeto this post so that you receive updates whenever we add new "upcoming features" to this list, or introduce these features into the tool. As Adobe is already aware of the need for these capabilities, you do not need to submit feature requests here on the forum for these items. However, you are welcome to start or search for a thread on these topics to discuss how you would like to ask questions about them, discuss how you would like to see them implemented, etc. 

Features included in Summer (June) 2015 release:

  • Calculated metric support
  • Complete data visualization/graphing support
  • Apply segments across an entire project
  • Breakdown multiple items
  • Multi-select then drag-and-drop
  • Re-arrange columns
  • Copy data to clipboard
  • Download data in CSV format
  • Flexible project layout
  • Auto-saving and warning before leaving unsaved project
  • Globalization

Major upcoming features:

  • Table Builder (configure multiple items, then refresh table)
  • Downloadable and scheduled reports
  • Inline comparisons (year over year, month over month, etc.)
  • Curation process (limit dimensions, metrics, segments that others can use in a project)
  • Guided Analysis workspace (easily consumable output designed to be shared with less experienced users)

Minor upcoming features:

  • Create segment from selection
  • Summary statistics on aggregate rows
  • Multiple allocation types on metrics (first, last, linear, participation)
  • Horizontal scrolling in tables
  • Inline comments
  • Resize columns
  • Improved settings/options
  • "Undo" button
  • Create calculated metric from metric header (ad-hoc calculated metrics)
  • Collapsible/expandable breakdowns
  • Drag-drop interactions across panels
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