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Unable to launch report builder


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I am unable to launch report builder, the sign in window in RB keeps going back to the Adobe analytics reporting interface. I have installed the new RB version as well, but unable to sign in...any suggestions?

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I am facing the same issue and contacted customer care. They have provided me the following link: https://helpx.adobe.com/analytics/kb/reportbuilder-login-issues.html

But this link didnt help me at all and I am still not able to get to the report builder anymore. I have also downloaded the latest version but it is still not working!


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Hi this sounds similar to an issue I have seen where your network?IT infrastructure could be blocking report builders use. If your PC is a locked build and on your network its usually IT needs adjust your VLAN network settings. As a test try taking your PC to a different network (home or coffee shop) as long as you dont need to VPN to have internet access try then to open report builder. If it works then you know its the network setup for you. If not lets see what error messages you get. Also added a note I sent another user to help with this. GLTU

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