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Unable to get Adobe image request fired by using Appmeasurement for JAVA


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Hello There!

I wanted to fire an image request using JAVA appmeasurement but unable to do so.

1. Jar files has been imported

2. Referred to JAVA appmeasurement document from the code manager and also bumped on to this https://forums.adobe.com/thread/2329798

3. Here's how the code looks like

AppMeasurement s = new AppMeasurement();

                                //Setup application config variables

                                s.account = "rsid-value added";

                                s.pageName = "hard-coded string added";

                                s.prop25 = "hard-coded string added";

                                s.sendFromServer = true;

                                s.trackingServer ="tracking server-value added";

                                s.trackingServerSecure = "secured tracking server-value added";



No error anywhere but no image request firing and there is no reporting data being received as well.

4. Used Httpfox and Chrome dev console to debug

Looking forward for a fix or an alternate solution

Thanks in advance!

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Is this a client-side java implementation or a server-side implementation? You'll want to make sure your s.sendFromServer variable is set to the correct value.


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Hi Gigazelle,

Thanks for replying.

To answer your question, yes it is a server-side implementation.

And s.sendFromServer has got the correct value.

Do you think that a firewall has to do anything in this regard

Thanks again!


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Certainly a possibility. Another thing you might want to check is to make sure the code is running. Typically if s.track() is called, it should be sending data. If you're able to add some debug log code right above/below the track function, we can validate that it's running. If you don't get the debug log code, then we have a better idea of where the issue is. If you do see the debug text in the console, then it's a much higher chance to be firewall related.


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Hi Sritanu, were you able to diagnose the issue and provide more details?


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Yeah. That was a firewall issue indeed. And yes this issue was solved by curating the adobe image request right on the page itself by dynamically populating all the variables with values from the backend.