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i have a question about strange thing related with sources.

I've created a segment with definition like that: Campaign (last) contains XXX (the  XXX is the name of of Media House that buy media).

And than, to check if data is ok, I've breakdowned it by Referrer Type. And get that about 70% of visits come from type Typed/bookmarked.

And the question is why?

Is it because, the definition is Campaign Last and most people, before came to website from campaign, had previous visit on website as typed/bookmarked?

If so, that the question is how to define segment to gather just people, from real source?


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Hi Tomasz

if you use „campaign contains XXX“ it might be that visitors returned to the page still having the (old) tracking code (if it hasn‘t expired yet).

another reason might be that a visitor returned to the page with the tracking code within a single visit timeframe (by default 30 mins). in this case adobe „thinks“ it‘s still the same visit and therefore the referrer is from the „first„ entry.

what you might look at is if a desired tracking code is set during a visit and see the referrers. to do this create a visit segment with a hit-container included where „tracking codes instances“ (metric) = 1 and „tracking code = XXX“

applying this segment shows only visits where the user had the desired server call. if you want, you might expand the hit condition within the visit container to only match on the first hit....

i hope that helps....