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Segment/Advance filters for multiple pages for previous page report


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We are trying to extract previous page report for a selected page, eg. "test123" but we want to show the data from specific set of pages & not from those which might be viewed by the user in his session.

I could see two options but one is a but lengthy & the other one I'm trying to use OR condition but in order for it to work the condition specified should be "equal" & not "contains or contains any of".

Here's what I'm trying to build using pagename:

Segment: Page >> contains >> home:abc:123 | home:def:345 | home:asd:567.

Using this logic, the pages that are seen in the visit are also appearing but here's what we are doing but want to use 'Advanced characters & use multiple logic in one'. For instance:

Segment: Page >> equals >> "home:abc:123" | "home:def:345" | "home:asd:567"

Here we are trying to use "matchphrase" & "OR" condition together but not getting any data unless we specify equal one by one. The same can be done when using Advanced filters but not getting the desired results unless we add the pages individually.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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