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Restore page names/Classification issue?


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I was following a forum that showed how to filter http and https pages through the Classification Rule Builder today and activated the rule. But after lunch on workspaces to check and the URLs didn't change. So I watched a tutorial from adobe's youtube channel about classifications (Overview of Classifications in Adobe Analytics - YouTube). I was following along and (around 9:15) Mark talks about Classification Importer and you can see all of the classification through the exporting browser (.tab file). After exporting and looking at these I went back to my workspace and all of the title/labels changed to numbers for our metric: "name (programs)". I deleted the rule through classification rule builder but it didn't restore the "name (programs)" to appropriate labels/names.

How would I go about restoring these names to their former title names (i.e. Master of Business Administration) rather than the number title? Or is this a different issue that I'm not understanding.

Thanks for any help ACC!

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Hi GentileJordan​,

If I am understanding correctly, you created a rule which populated the Classification reports. Now you have disabled the rule and would like to clear off the values in classification reports.

If so, you can follow the below article to delete existing classification data:



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Hi Kaushalendra,

Thanks for your quick response! We are thinking it had something to do with our importer, but when we got into the office this morning all of the name reports were restored to their original titles! So all is good!

We're not sure if it was related to the classification rule we built or just a coincidence.  Anyways, thank you again for your quick response!