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Hi all,

this is regarding "making scheduled dashboards reliable", please vote here:


In case you have any tipps or hints, please let me know.

"Hi all,
let me point out some potential for improvement:
we have got a large number of users, and therefore about 70 automated emails that we expect to be sent out on a daily basis.
However, since September, many scheduled reports stopped being delivered.
Adobe Clientcare has let us know that there was an issue due to high server load in the morning... But we do not know if our reports are too big, scheduled at the wrong time or etc....
It is time-consuming to spend an hour daily checking which reports have gone out and which ones are missing (and resend the missing ones).
Also, the "sent reports" section is not useful because each recipient is listed individually. If there are 10 recipients per email, this means checking 700 lines!
Our main wishes are:
1) make scheduled dashboards reliable - if there was a high load, please try sending them a few hours later
2) inform us of emails that have not gone through (I'm sure there is a log), the confirmation email could look similar to what we get with SAINT
3) help us fix the root cause - if the reason was that we cannot schedule more than 50 emails, then please let us know so that we can prioritise...
Looking forward to your help.
Best wishes,

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You can always check our server status on http://status.adobe.com .