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Page Report not working in Workspace


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Hi Friends,

I am working on creating a report in workspace. I am using Page as dimension and Business Leads as The metric, I extracted the data using the pages report in the report section and also in excel using report builder, but when I m trying to create the same report in report builder I cannot create it. Could you guys help me out with the possible reasons. I am attaching the screenshot of the workspace report. and also the pages report.Data in Pages Report.JPGNo Data in Workspace.JPG

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Employee Advisor

Hi there,

Very interesting. A few things to check:

  1. Timeframe is the same
  2. Segments applied are the same
  3. Report Suite is the same

One option for you would be to start in Reports, there is a link to "Try In Workspace" from the Page report. Does that function properly for you?