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Firing Wrong(est) alerts


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Hi everyone,

I created a new alert this morning, in order to let me know when the traffic gets too low i.e. when it drops below 300 page viewed in an hour. This hourly alert is very simple, indeed. Nevertheless, noreply@omniture.com keeps sending me alert e-mails stating that no page views were viewed at all.

Fortunately, these fired alerts proved to be fake: today traffic is as high as it was yesterday, with more that 10.000 PV per hour.

Could someone help me to understand this strange behaviour?

Thanks in advance,


PS__Below, a snippet of the e-mail html:


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Without having access to report or data .. the two possible scenarios I can think of are ..

1. Alert was set up on a different/wrong report suite

2. Segment was applied to the alert which does not apply


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I have checked, and it seems the report suite being correct. Besides, no segment has been applied. It is a very very simple alert indeed. This is a snapshot:




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Couldn't be a problem with the time zone? Perhaps the alert system checks the wrong hourly range (i.e. not the previous one but the current one), thus resulting in a mathematically zero PV, being data not already rose in the report suites.

Any idea?




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Then maybe adding a condition excluding 0 ? like :
1 < PV <=300

Cheers !


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It also might have something to do with report suite latency - the 0 is because that hour's data hasn't been fully processed yet.

Could you perhaps see if daily alerts exhibit the same strange behavior?