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Event triggers on one form submit, not on newly-created forms. What am I missing?


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Hi Community! This is my first post. Please go easy on me.

I was recently hired at my company and have been asked to troubleshoot an AA issue our analytics person has brought to my attention.

I know very little about AA and nobody here was around when AA was implemented, so I'm sort of in the dark here.

On our "contact us" form, when the user fills out the form and submits, the Adobe Marketing Cloud Debugger tool shows me the various eVar and event values, etc. So all is well with this form. Here's what I see:


Now, when I go into our CMS (Kentico) and create a new form on a new page, fill it out and submit it, the debugger tool reports back charSet, pageName, etc., but no eVars or events. Our analytics person here really wants to this "event15" to be triggered.

I've looked at the code behind our "contact us" form and see no references to anything related to AA. All pages on the site share the same template in our CMS so when I create new pages with new forms, all Omniture, AA, and other JavaScript references on the page are the same as the "contact us" page.

Can you help me think through why our "contact us" form would trigger these eVars and this event ("event15") while other forms on our site would not? Do I need to be doing anything on the AA side?

Thanks in advance.

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There seems to be some implementation differences which might be causing this. If you can DM me the Page URLs, I can have a look.

You can also get a ticket opened with Adobe ClientCare with then help of a Supported users  in your organization.


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Thanks, Kaushalendra! Please have a look at the URLs (I messaged you)...in the meantime I will open a ticket with Adobe ClientCare. Thanks again!


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What you likely have is event specific rules(i would guess in DTM) that are tied to specific existing pages.

Imagine today your anaytics setup is tied to 10 pages with forms. They all work well as they are coded to be triggered by just those 10 pages.

When you now add a new form (new URL) source those pages may still have analyitcs code(from template) but the event rules need to be updated to account for the new pages URLs.


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Thanks, pabloc82923542. As far as I know, our AA implementation was done via JavaScript and not Dynamic Tag Manager.

Where exactly should I look to find "the event rules" that I need to update "to account for the new page URLs"?

I appreciate your time!


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ok that could be more difficult.

If you have implemented it vis DTM. You would need to sign into https://dtm.adobe.com/

Then look for pageload or event rules related to your page.

If you had  url I could see where its working vs not working would speed things up.