Displaying interactive dashboard externally/limited public



Apologies if this has been asked previously - couldn't find anything on this topic. I work for a large financial organization and we have hundreds of users (possibly thousands) who would be interested in viewing our analytics/metrics that we have from Adobe Analytics. However not all users have Adobe Analytics account, is it possible to display the dashboard we developed interactively on some site outside of Adobe Analytics? Such as our company's intranet pages or on a SharePoint site? I'd like to explore another ways for our users to view the dashboards instead of sending them PDFs and/or links to dashboard where they still need a AA account to login and view the pages.

The dashboard doesn't have to be real-time for us, updated once daily would work for us. Let me know if this is possible? Thanks in advance!





Hi -

Publishing Widget is definitely something I want to try. I just tried it out but seems like there's some issues using the code on SharePoint 2016... does anybody know a workaround? I've tried injecting the code into the source code and also tried embedding the code but both times it just returns a blank page. I'm an admin for this particular sharepoint site but there might be some feature I need to turn on first? does anybody know? or some workaround in the code?





On your sharepoint site, does it throw any JS errors? As long as the publishing widget JS is executed, I wouldn't anticipate any issues in a sharepoint environment.