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Difficulty installing Ad Hoc Analysis - Mac OS Sierra


Level 1

Hi there!

I'm running into difficulty installing Ad Hoc Analysis onto my Macbook. Upon downloading it from AA, it seems to hang at a "Downloading Application" screen for a long time and then gives me an error message. I've attached two screenshots to show you what it looks like. I'm currently using the latest version of Java (8) and my default browser is Chrome. Here are troubleshooting steps I've performed:

  • Restarted my computer
  • First Aid on my Storage as indicated in the troubleshooting guide
  • Re-downloaded the JNLP files and tried opening with that.
  • Control + Click > Open to see permissions affected anything

Things I've yet to try:

  • My home network. Currently wired in and connected via Wi-fi at a work environment. However.. this shouldn't matter because other employees are using it fine.

Would love to get any assistance with this if possible. Thank you :)

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Level 5


I had same problem, have you granted the application access to run? By default, OS X blocks all apps not installed via app store :)



Level 1

Did you manage to find a solution for this in the end. I've granted the application access already and is still struggling.



Employee Advisor

Are you running it as an admin? Also, were you able to try it on your home network? I know firefalls can sometimes to screwy stuff to Ad Hoc.