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Default classification values for unclassified data (different than ~none~)


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I have an eVar that I am classifying. I want the ability to insert a default classification for those eVar values that have yet to be classified. I want to be able to do this without having to export all the unclassified keys and for each unclassified key write the same classification value. I have nearly 50k unclassified keys (which in a later date may be classified, overwritten, by my classification upload job), I want them all to default to a classification value I specify.

This is not the same as using ~none~ in the classification file, ~none~ only applies its classification to data when there is no key supplied in the first place. I want the same functionality as ~none~ but for keys that have yet to be classified.

Is this possible?

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Have you already tried using the classification rule builder, and using an all-encompassing regex value to classify it?