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Data Workbench Questions - Bring them on



This is a general place to ask and discuss Data Workbench. We can break questions out into their own thread if needed.

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I did a cursory search and couldn't get concrete proof, but is there an expectation of retiring the Data Workbench in favor of Workspace continuing to improve?  I was informed that Data Workbench was no longer being updated, and I thought I remembered reading it somewhere that this was true, but I just wanted to get it from the horse's mouth.  Thanks in advance!

Jeff Bloomer


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Hey Jeff

While I am no longer at Adobe I am still very active in the Data Workbench community and with the product. While I don't know exact plans, I can say that Adobe has a future vision to have all products within the cloud environment. For them as a a company this is a sound business decision and I can't fault it, however I feel (and continuously voice) my concerns that the current state of Analysis Workspace and the Experience Platform, leave out some key pieces that Data Workbench does very well. Latency analysis is one of these key pieces that I have seen duplicated in very few products in the market. While the Experience platform does some cool stuff with AI capabilities, there is no space for a Business Analyst to funnel that data into to preform daily analysis. Data Workbench is still the platform to preform the online and offline data analysis and will be for the coming future. Let me know if you have any more questions on the solution.


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Hi Brandon,

Could you suggest some reading materials for Data Workbench, as there are very few of them out there.