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Custom Link Reporting Inconsistencies?


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I'm working on a project where we are using custom links to track different clicks within the project (to see what features are used most often), and it appears that only the first 2 or 3 clicks of the project get tracked per launch.

For clarity, here is an example of what I mean

1 custom link tracked based on application start

1 custom link tracked based on opening search

1 custom link tracked based on menu selection

1 custom link tracked based on language selection

and so on. However, when I look at the analytics report for custom links, only the application start and opening search are recorded (2 clicks out of the 20 or so that should be recorded).

I click on all the links (and have breakpoints to know that each of these options are actually getting hit), but again, only the first 2 are recorded.

All the calls are written exactly the same, except for saying what the custom link is.

Has anyone else had this problem/know how to resolve it?

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Are you seeing the custom links go out in the debugger?

Do you have a site that has the code in question implemented so we can take a look and see if there are any issues?


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Unfortunately, I can't see that as it is an Outlook Add-in. However, when I run the webmail version, all the calls are going out, so I'm not really sure why they aren't all appearing in the reporting end.


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I know that sometimes image requests are cached, which prevents those calls from reaching data collection servers. Additionally, you can use a program like Charles to troubleshoot image requests occurring outside the browser.

Between using Charles to ensure image requests are actually going out, and ensuring image requests are not cached, I anticipate you'll be able to resolve the issue.


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You also should clarify is the application.  App based like iOS or Android. Or is it web based?