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CDA documentation feedback


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Hi everyone!

I'm the technical writer responsible for authoring the CDA documentation located here:

Cross-Device Analytics Overview

I would hugely appreciate any feedback you have to offer - phrases you think are difficult to follow, locations you think should go into more detail, or typos/grammatical errors. You can use this thread to provide any feedback, positive or negative. I will be personally responding to each comment, so let me know your thoughts!

If you know the exact changes you'd like to see made, you are more than welcome to submit edits on our git repository here:

analytics.en/cda-home.md at master · AdobeDocs/analytics.en · GitHub


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Hi Gigazelle,

Is there documentation describing the difference between the Device Co-Op and a Private Graph?

The current documentation does not outline the differences specifically to data sharing in Device Co-Op vs Private Graph.




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We are currently working with the private graph team to get docs for it authored.

Basically a private graph is your very own device graph specific to your organization, whereas the device co-op is a device graph shared by many adobe customers.