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Hi Everyone, 

We would like to hear your experience of using the Adobe Analytics product. Feel free to post your feedback on this post and we would make your voice heard. 





Hi Adobe,

Here's a feature request i would very much like in Adobe Analytics.

As a product owner of Adobe Analytics i want to be able to have real time reporting or alerts on secondary server charges so that i can manage the account and take action when over usage charges occur.

Only having access to the billing information 6 days after the previous month has caused excessive over charging for our business where we were unable to confirm if changes we made to the configuration had successfully reduced the server calls.

Many thanks,





We frequently update SAINT/Classifications. There is zero visibility into when a file was received and/or if it has finished processing. A log for SAINT files would be extremely helpful when troubleshooting. Otherwise I have to reach out to Customer Care.







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Hello - 

I would like to request a few features:

1. Folders for workspace projects (to organize them)

2. Folders for components & alerts (to organize them)

3. I'd like a more formal way to give customers "view only" mode where they can change dropdowns at the top but cannot add new dimensions.

4. Please give me the ability to remove myself from a project if someone shares it with me! It clutters up my workspace but I need to ask them to remove me from a report instead of me removing the workspace project from my own dasbhoard (this would be less necessary if I could put all of the "shared with me" reports in a folder).

5. Date selector - I'd like to be able to have an automatically updating date range in a dashboard that is "from ____ date onwards". Say I release a change on May 15...I'd like to be able to have the report automatically include the latest day without having to manually change it each day. (Especially inconvenient when I have a PDF scheduled report going to outside stakeholders).


6. When does the calculated rule segment show up in your right click vs not? It seems inconsistent when it shows up sometimes and doesn't others.


7. Would love to be able to choose the colors in my visualizations in workspace!


Thank you!!