Activity Map - Reports Questions and Confirmations



Hi All,

New to activity map and want to make sure I am 100% clear on speaking to the reports for activity map reports.


  1. When viewing activity map on a page I can see "link clicks" on anchor links but if I view link clicks in a report in reports and analytic would I use "instances metric" since there is no "link clicks" metric in reports and analytic?
  2. when looking at activity map on the page and I choose to look at the "forms completed" metric instead of link clicks. What this is saying is that people who clicked this link filled out forms downstream from this link? Same applies to bounce rate etc...?


3. When I look at External Referrers they dont match up in activity map page flow report. it shows 13,781 external referrers and when you click it to see details the results add up to about 1,500 more than the total. why?

Thank you,