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nileshk8292543 10-08-2017

Hi: I am Nilesh Kokate, a digital marketer with over 6 years of exp in digital marketing & speciality in PPC.

Would like to do certification in Adobe Media Optimizer, but ave never worked on it before. Adobe trainings are very costly & can’t afford it. Outside trainings are not available. Study materials not available.

Can you guys please help me to resolve my problem. Even a study guide will help to do self study.

Thank You,

Nilesh Kokate



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Accepted Solutions (1)

Community Manager

Hi Nilesh,

I can understand your problem as most of the resources are behind the firewall for this product. I am trying to see what best resources can be made available to you.

Meanwhile, I can share some knowledge resources with you:

Some of the training sessions are free too so you might want to check that out.



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